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Environmental Consulting

Environmental Consulting

Kingfisher Environmental manages environmental issues on contaminated properties and ensures regulatory closure expeditiously. The following issues may be addressed:

Report Reviews
Kingfisher routinely reviews environmental reports performed by third-party consultants, providing opinions, practical solutions and reliance letters.

Site Investigations
Kingfisher performs Phase I and Phase II environmental investigations on all types of residential, commercial and industrial properties.

Agency Review
All sites are enrolled into a Voluntary Cleanup Program. This will include filing required environmental reports and applications with the state agency. Kingfisher secures receipt of a ‘comfort letter’ which releases a potential seller and purchaser from any liability that might be associated with environmental contamination on the property.

Municipal Support
Kingfisher works directly with municipalities to effectively manage all the elements of the brownfield development. This is achieved in a manner that is cost-effective and with a consistent eye towards the redevelopment of properties back onto the tax rolls.

IEPA Brownfield Grants
Kingfisher assists municipalities in obtaining Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) grant funds to facilitate the brownfield redevelopment process.

Environmental Insurance
A number of pollution liability indemnification products have emerged over the past few years in response to the growing brownfield redevelopment market. Kingfisher Group obtains the most cost-effective package tailored to meet the needs of the client.

Some of the available insurance products include:
- Clean-up Cost Cap (Stop-Loss)
- Professional Liability (Errors and Omissions)
- Pollution Legal Liability (Environmental Impairment Liability), and
- Contractors Pollution Liability


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