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Former Sloan Valve Company Plant
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What is a Brownfield?
Brownfield properties are defined as “abandoned, idled, or under used industrial and commercial facilities/sites where expansion or redevelopment is complicated by real or perceived environmental contamination”. The regulatory climate has shifted over the past few years from one that was more adversarial in scope — that emphasized command-and-control practices — to one that is focused on risk-based, practical strategies. It makes no practical sense to develop a gas station on the site of a former gas station with the stringent standards required if the site were to be redeveloped as a day care center. Environmental risk is now tied to the prospective end-use of a site.

Preparing brownfield sites for productive reuse requires the integration of many elements — real estate and financing issues, liability considerations, environmental assessments and remediation, compliance with regulatory requirements, and diligent coordination among various stakeholders.

What We Do
Kingfisher Group is an environmental consultant and developer that assists owners, municipalities and prospective purchasers in coordinating and delivering the various components in brownfield redevelopment. Learn more about our comprehensive services.


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