Environmental Consulting

Report Reviews

Kingfisher routinely reviews environmental reports performed by third-party consultants, providing opinions, practical solutions and reliance letters.

Site Investigations

Kingfisher performs Phase I and Phase II environmental investigations on all types of residential, commercial and industrial properties.

Agency Review

All sites are enrolled into a Voluntary Cleanup Program. This will include filing required environmental reports and applications with the state agency. Kingfisher secures receipt of a "comfort letter" which releases a potential seller and purchaser from any liability that might be associated with environmental contamination on the property

Municipal Support

Kingfisher works directly with municipalities to effectively manage all the elements of the brownfield development. This is achieved in a manner that is cost-effective and with a consistent eye towards the redevelopment of properties back onto the tax rolls.

IEPA Brownfield Grants

Kingfisher assists municipalities in obtaining Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) grant funds to facilitate the brownfield redevelopment process.

Environmental Insurance

A number of pollution liability indemnification products have emerged over the past few years in response to the growing brownfield redevelopment market. Kingfisher Group obtains the most cost-effective package tailored to meet the needs of the client.

Brownfield Redevelopment

Investment Opportunities

Kingfisher Group takes an equity position in brownfield redevelopment projects. Kingfisher is currently redeveloping the former Sloan Valve Company factory building in Chicago's West Garfield Park neighborhood. Kingfisher is also redeveloping a former contaminated gasoline station in the Village of Lynwood, Illinois.

Project Management

Kingfisher oversees all aspects of a redevelopment project including, architectural reviews; bid reviews; contractor oversight and coordination; permitting; easement and variance negotiations; construction management.

Municiapal Coordination

Any prospective redevelopment strategy needs to be coordinated with local agencies. Such issues may include zoning and land use approvals, permitting, community relations and easement reviews. Kingfisher sets a priority from the start of any redevelopment to coordinate and update all local stakeholders including local industrial retention groups; neighborhood organizations; local employment agencies and city council representatives.

Brokerage and Sales

Depending on site location, economic feasibility and end-use criteria, Kingfisher Group initiates an aggressive marketing campaign from the start of a redevelopment. Strategies include direct mail, internet advertising, target phone sales and effective signage. Kingfisher Group is a fully licensed real estate broker in the State of Illinois.

Green Building

Kingfisher Group's core philosophy centers on sustainable use. The application of sound practices to recycle contaminated property is equally channeled into the planned use of the property after renovation. We are committed to integrating green building elements into all our redevelopments.

Public Assistance

Brownfield redevelopments are essentially real estate ventures with an added environmental component. Kingfisher Group utilizes public initiatives that will facilitate the remediation and redevelopment process, including, but not limited to Empowerment Zones and Enterprise Communities, Tax Increment Financing (TIF's), Municipal Groundwater Ordinances, U.S. EPA Revolving Loan Fund, Brownfield Property Tax Incentives and Historic Tax Preservation Credits.